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Josh Waters is bringing water to a desert

Written by: Jayymarie// @jayymarieofficial

In the 90s and even early 2000s, R&B was dominated by the male energy, from Ginuwine, Donell

Jones, R Kelly, and Usher. To Omarion, Lloyd, and Chris Brown.

As time went on, we traded in the classic R&B vibe we know and love for more uptempo dance music. It left a drought for the R&B that had you in your house cleaning, in your feelings, or wanting to get it in. It had the ladies feeling good about themselves and the fellas tapping into their romantic sides.

These days we are left with very few successful male R&B acts. The ladies have taken over. From Beyonce, SZA, H.E.R, Summer Walker, and Jhene Aiko, R&B has been left with a void in Male acts. I remember the days when R&B made you feel the bliss of young love. We somehow have lost that. The closest thing to that feel-good R&B has been Jacques and maybe Miguel.

That is until Josh Waters stepped onto the scene. Melodic and soulful Josh has brought water to a desert. With his single "Vibe," he brings back a more youthful early 2000's feel to R&B. "Vibe" took me back to Chris Brown, B5, Omarion days. The days where you would write your faves name all over your notebook and sneak to use the phone after 9 pm. His single "Vibe" is a VIBE! As the first artist to feature in our review section, I give this single a 4 out of 5 Juice Box rating! Josh Waters, YOU got "The Juice" now!!!

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