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Gee Nizzo:'Rookie of the Year'

Written by: Jayymarie//Jayymarieofficial

Chicago has a plethora of local artists making noise. Gee Nizzo is no different. With his highly anticipated project, 'Rookie of the year' dropping on Valentine's day (2-14-21) the Chicago native has been hard at work putting his creativity to use. Hailing from the westside of Chicago at just 21 years old he has produced a solid seven-track EP catered to anyone looking for a vibe.

With songs like 'Get back to you later' or 'GB2YL' and 'In my feelings.'Rookie of the year' is a vibe you can ride and smoke to.My personal favorite is 'In my feelings'. In this song Gee Nizzo touches on making a way out despite his shortcomings,while understanding he can ride his own wave. He also touches on battling depressesion and meditating to keep himself grounded.

When asked what his favorite song on the EP was he said 'Go Mode'.

"My favorite song on the EP is 'Go Mode' it helped me solidify my ultimate dominance in my craft." said Gee Nizzo.

When you think of the title 'Rookie of the year' you often think of someone who has stood out amongst those first breaking out in their field. Gee Nizzo's 'Rookie of the year' is just that. With this EP he has proven the ability to grab your attention with his story telling and flow. Make sure to download 'Rookie of the year' on all streaming platforms on 02-14-21.

"Rookie of the year pertains to my official break-out year as a new artist, being young and up and coming with my own sound"- Gee Nizzo


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